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  • The simpler a construction may seem the more challenging the design can be.

    Dr.-Ing. Tarek Nasr

    Holzspänesilo für Biomassekraftwerk PERI GmbH | Weißenhorn

  • We make visions stable.

    Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Störmer

    Matthäus Schmid Bauunternehmen GmbH + Co. KG | Wohnstiftung Augustinum | Meersburg

  • The office building "Mensch+Technik" is characterised by both sustainability aspects and highly flexible usage opportunities.

    Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Architekt Bernd Linder

    e19 Haus Mensch+Technik | Scherr+Klimke AG | Neu-Ulm

  • Engineering needs knowledge, experience and ideas.

    Dipl.-Ing. Peter Wranik

    Rheinkalk GmbH | Basic- and Details-Engineering | Wülfrath

  • Design, restoration and retrofitting of Electric Track Vehicle Systems (ETV), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Automated Vacuum Waste Collection Systems (AVAC) ensure the smooth flow of material in the hospital.

    M. A. Logistik Rüdiger Pohl

    BWK | Ulm

  • We plan and implement projects anywhere in the world for our customers. In the Namibian desert we took over the planning of the heart of their plant for the company Polysius.

    Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Patzelt

    Ohorongo cement factory | Company Schwenk | Namibia

  • Sustainable building as a holistic concept for the future combines different aspects of our clients: Economic efficiency, function, aesthetics, energy and the environment.

    Dipl.- Ing. (FH) Architekt Alexander Ostermann

    Uzin laboratory building | Ulm

  • We will also manage your project perfectly.

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architekt Stefan Carl

    Audi AG | Work N60 | Ingolstadt

  • Pharma buildings are very special. This is why closest cooperation is indipensable between all specialists.

    Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Michael Baur

    ratiopharm Immobilienverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG | Extension sterile production | Weiler

  • The CBP pilot project in Leuna creates industries for the future: The implementation of already functioning laboratory and pilot plant processes on an industrial scale.

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architekt Johannes Baust

    General planning project | CBP Fraunhofer Research Centre

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Comprehensive Preliminary Design of New Supplier Park in San José Chiapa

After seven months of intensive cooperation with Audi AG, Ingolstadt, Scherr+Klimke submitted on June 15th 2014 a package of documents to investor Grupo O´Donnell de México containing the Comprehensive Preliminary Design for the Supplier Park of the new Audi plant. The plant is situated close to Puebla, México, in San José Chiapa, and will produce the model Q5 for the world market.

The new Supplier Park will consist of two JIS/JIT (just-in-sequence/just-in-time) halls, a ckd (completely-knocked-down) hall and a Container Yard. The Preliminary Design also included an in-plant warehouse.

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Scherr+Klimke awards Master Thesis

Every year Biberach University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with various regional companies, awards students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Scherr+ Klimke AG granted an achievement award to Masters degree student Vera Simon for her master thesis “Lifecycle-oriented Project Partnership”. She convinced the university jury and Scherr+Klimke with her outstanding interdisciplinary piece of work.

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New combined heat-and-power station sets very high standards

On April 10, 2013, the Prime Minister of the German Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate, Mrs. Malu Dreyer, presided at the opening of the new heat and power station at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth. In her opening speech, she referred to the project as an “ecological milestone”. Together with the plant manager,Yaris Pürsun, she officially put the new plant into operation. “Decentralized and environmentally friendly energy production are important elements of the energy turnaround in our country. The state government appreciates the role model function of Daimler Wörth in this matter which contains also an important contribution to climate protection”, according to the prime minister’s speech.

The Daimler-Benz-group invested 17 million € in the new combined heat-and-power station. The high efficiency plant will reduce energy consumption of Daimler Wörth by 25 % and reduce the CO2-Emissions by 15%. The three modules of the heat-and-power station will deliver 13,2 megawatts of power - the approximate equivalent of 85 kilowatt hours of electricity. The station will cover 40% of the electrical demand and - using the by-product of waste heat- 25% of the heat demand of Daimler Wörth. Within one year, the engineers of Scherr+Klimke completed the planning and implementation of four heat-and-power stations.


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